Research and Development of innovative materials at the convergence of art and new technologies


KENNWERT is a German materials research and development enterprise founded by business economist Cornelia Beyer, architect Thorsten Klooster, and artist Heike Klussmann in 2014. Our team in Berlin and Kassel pools competences from the fields of visual art, architecture, urbanism, interaction design, industrial design, experimental physics, construction chemistry, 3D-printing, information technology, and robotics. Based on this mixed expertise of research and hands-on experience, we establish novel areas of interest for elaborating them via artistic/scientific processes.

Working together takes us further : we believe in the power of collaboration. We make better decisions because we gather more information and understand the perspectives of our partners. We use resources more carefully because we avoid duplicating what others have already created.

For a macro world
For a macro
world bumping
against limits


In the design and making of objects and spaces, considerations concerning materiality are certainly very complex. The required know-how is including both objective and subjective categories as well as technical knowledge and experience. Usable material values are generally established when a communication between development, technology and design takes place, elucidating the individual approach to and experience with the material of each area.

We have developed novel standards of concrete, enabling this material to be light-reflecting, information-conveying, and energy-generating for the very first time. They have fulfilled the proof of concept outside of the laboratory, and some projects have already been built. Their production process is based on system precast building methods and can easily be adapted to the set-up of existing production lines. The combination of a durable effect and the ease of production makes these materials costeffective products. To our understanding, they are high tech low budget materials.

  • SolarCrete


    a new low cost energy source

    To transition our planet to long-term sustainability, there is an urgent need for better energy solutions. SolarCrete is a completely new type of energy producing technology. For its success in architecture and building design, it is important to combine renewable energy generating materials into construction materials. We are realizating this vision by engeneering laboratory experiments into a large - scale technology.

  • Touchcrete


    visual perception enhanced by tactile experience

    TOUCHCRETE is a new system of touch-sensitive construction materials based on a cement-bound medium, used in the development of touch-sensitive concrete surfaces. Nonmechanical switches are fully implementable with TouchCrete™, and entire wall surfaces can be designed to function as touchpads. The idea of TouchCreteTM is closely associated with communication and information, concerned with space. It promotes the linkage of disparate contexts.

  • Blingcrete


    a lowtech solution in a hightech world

    BLINGCRETE represents a new genre of materials with its own logic of effect. As a light-reflecting concrete it combines the positive characteristics of concrete - fire safety, solidity, building methods - with those of retroreflection. BlingCrete™ opens up various design possibilities in the areas of infrastructure, transport safety, architecture, and interior design.


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